Moving Right Along.


Makes you want to sing along with the Muppets, doesn’t it?

We’re not singing, well, not a lot anyway, there was that Beatles inspired fit but I think I might have just had too much caffeine at that point. So what are we doing? Well, we’re moving forward, establishing ourselves as a team and figuring out what each of us are good at and how we can help promote one another.

Suz has put together something like three treasuries this week. Frawggie and Heather and Iced have picked up at least a couple each, and that’s just what I can remember. I’d link them, but they go away in a couple days.

I’m still doing my thing on Twitter, and you’ll follow us once the hypnosis kicks in.

Frawggie’s running a blog contest with the prize being one of two maille bracelets and the competition’s already heating up in just a couple days.

Heather’s up to her nostrils in figuring out Ning and hasn’t had time to smack around the blog layout just yet. I know the font is huge; Just like Lando, it’s not my fault.

To date, we’ve collected a group of artists from a ton of styles and mediums. Jewellery artists, and alot of them, beadweaving, photography, polymer clay scupting, graphic design, fibre art, stamp carving, sewing, and what can only be called horror themed… stuff. Trust me, it’s great.

Drop us a comment, say hi. Teammates or not go ahead and drop us a link to your work.

Oh, and…

Have fun



frawggie said...

Isn't there a way when posting a blog you can tone down the font size? I think there is. Select the entire section of font you wish to shrink, and on the menu in editing the blog is an area of font choices (size wise) small, normal, medium, large, gignormous - or something close to that.

Overall - great blog!! Yes the bold huge font is disconcerting - to my eyes.

Heather's Haven said...

There, adjusted the font and pulled the back ground until I can figure out the date thing. I'll work more on it tomorrow when I have time.